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ATF e-Form 4473 Quick Reference Guide for the Seller Downloading the Application: This section provides information on installing the application at the Seller's location for the first time: Installing
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Hello we're going to make three videos for processing at four four seven three using the four four seven three module within FFL tools each video will deal with each page in the four four seven three this one is the first video so we're going to be looking at page one so click the four four seven three seller module and you'll get a list of four four seven threes that you can work on you double click the four four seven three and you'll get page one of the four four seven three in this form you cannot make any changes because only the buyer is allowed to change section a but you can verify the information and here this person is checked yes to question eleven II so you can come down here and you can say please by stating it this way you're not really coaching them as far as which one is incorrectly answered so at this point you had hit back and they would receive a the form error that you saw in the previous video once the buyer has made the corrections and click the finish button you then double click the record again and now you still Rivera fie their information and now you get the green box saying that everything's good to go and so you would click Next to proceed to page two you get this waiting dialog and you're waiting for the buyer to acknowledge the statement once the statement has been acknowledged you proceed to page two this is where we'll pick it up in the second video thank you very much